Construction Readiness Committee Report

  … worship services, September 9, 2012

  This morning, the moment for mission will be delivered by your Pastor.

A pastor wears many hats. One such hat that I wear is this one. On it are the letters “C. R. C.”, which stand for “Construction Readiness Committee.” When pastors go to graduate school, they don’t teach us about this hat.  We have to learn how to wear it through experience.  Let me tell you a bit about wearing this hat.

The hard hat is WATERPROOF, its bill sheds water. If you’ve been around our facility following a big rain, then you know how important that is. Leaks keep popping up around the place, and we’ve had some plaster repairs. Next time it rains, go to the upper lounge and take a look through the window at the water pooling on the flat roof. Some day we want to sell this building, and we face a big challenge just keeping it dry.

The hat is HARD. That’s important for the hazards that drop out of nowhere, and bang you when you least expect it. Remember how in 2008, the financial fortunes of our nation took a downward turn. Before 2008, we received regular phone calls from those interested in purchasing our excess 20 acres of land. In 2012, developers aren’t buying land, and aren’t interested in paying the price for it that they used to.

The hat is BRIGHT reflecting the light of a hopeful future into which God calls us. There are a lot of congregations that would like to have our resources: 30 acres of land in an excellent location, more than $650,000 in the building fund, and $300,000 in our G.E.M. funds, and no debt. There are even a couple of institutions interested in purchasing this building. Yes, despite our building leaks and a lackluster economy, the future is bright.

Members of your Construction Readiness Committee are Bob Towell, chair; Jerry Barber, Don Davis, Dennis Pluta, Vicki Primrose, and Ray Weber. They are working through a commercial broker to market our excess property at Ridge View Road. They are visiting facilities and meeting with architects to refine a design that will be energy-efficient, and cost efficient in light of our financial resources.

In the coming months, I will be encouraging the Construction Readiness Committee to make regular reports to the congregation.  Look for the CRC hard hat.  When you see it, you know it will be time to listen. Thanks for your attention.


~ by JohnH1962 on September 10, 2012.

2 Responses to “Construction Readiness Committee Report”

  1. thanks for the information. Let’s not get discouraged —– in GOD’s time.

  2. Gail, thanks for the good feedback!

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