Construction Readiness Committee Report

 As the Construction Readiness Committee meets this autumn, a question is never far from our minds: What happens if the excess acreage at Ridge View Road does not sell soon? The members of the committee recognize that they cannot change the market forces that currently depress the value of land and restrict the pool of potential buyers. They have decided not to worry about matters that they cannot control, and instead focus attention and energy on things that they CAN control.

The CRC has decided that its time and energy would be well spent revising the design of the new church to make it more efficient in terms of energy use, space use, and cost. A leaner and trimmer design puts our congregation in a better position to fund construction of a new facility in case a suitable buyer for the excess acreage doesn’t appear soon. The current aim is for a space reduction of about 30%.

The members of the committee are working with architects on sketches with suggestions on how these changes might be made. They are testing these ideas with visits to new church facilities to see how they might work in real life conditions. They will be sharing ideas with the session and group leaders to get their input. Sometime within the next quarter, there will be meetings scheduled with the congregation in order to share drawings, and get member feedback.

While the CRC believes that it is possible for a leaner, trimmer design to serve our congregation well, and to “look like a church,” some compromise will be necessary. Education, rehearsal, storage, fellowship, and office spaces may need to be trimmed in size. Designing and furnishing for multiple uses may require more carefully coordinated sharing of rooms.

Pray for the CRC as it leads this work, and pray for open hearts and minds. Remember how blessed we are to be stewards of a million-dollar building fund, 30 acres of land, and our current ministry center.  Remember what a wonderful privilege we enjoy in preparing a facility that will be a hub of mission and ministry for this generation and the next.


~ by JohnH1962 on November 1, 2012.

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