Snow Falls; Christians Worship Anyway

Narsissus in Snow 2013“Yes, we will hold worship services this Sunday.” That’s my answer to a question some may be asking. Snow is coming, a lot for this region, followed by near-record cold.

My vehicle may not be perfect for the road conditions. I may have to put on my big boots, and trudge through drifts. I may get snowed in, and be required to spend the night in my office. Nevertheless, we will hold worship services this Sunday. Jesus will be there: “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”

For 2000 years, Sunday has been the Church’s most important day of activity. Everywhere the Church has existed, its foundational marks have included leitourgia and kerygma. In a world in which the Church is expected to support many causes peripheral to its primary mission, we cannot forget that the Church needs to worship God.

I realize that worship attendance this week will be impossible for some. I understand that particular porches, sidewalks, parking areas, and driveways may make travel unwise for many faithful Christians. I respect government officials and emergency responders who work to keep citizens safe. Any staff member, officer, or volunteer who believes it is too dangerous to travel should simply stay home without fear of repercussion. But, in circumstances that would prompt resort skiers to rejoice, or fans at Lambeau field to shovel a seat and cheerfully watch a football game, I think it trivializes our church’s mission and ministries to close up like a garden shop at the first sign of snow. Those who are able to safely slide, skate, ski, snowshoe, or slog, should make an effort to carry on.

I don’t know if the city streets will be plowed. I can’t guarantee that school district personnel will be able to completely clear the parking lot. Perhaps we won’t be able to keep the entries as free of snow as we’d like. But there will be a ministry of Word and sacrament.

You may think I’m spending a lot of energy to spoil a perfectly good snow day. But I believe that the seemingly routine rhythm of Sunday worship is at the heart of our witness. In a world that says “No,” God says, “Yes.”


~ by JohnH1962 on January 4, 2014.

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