The Font

Font Composite

a brief reflection on furnishing worship space … 

“To the rest I say—I and not the Lord ….” -1 Corinthians 7:12a

Of the three major pieces associated with the ministry of Word and sacrament, I start with the font, mainly because it is the most neglected in our tradition. Let me try to draw a contrast by saying that instead of conveying associations between fresh water and spiritual renewal, too many fonts look like a flowerstand.  As you probably have observed, many fonts sometimes ARE used in that way. This experience is one reason I like fonts in which the bowl section is dramatically enlarged and/or raised, like those in the composite photo above. The most dramatic bowl I remember was so large you could easily give the baby a bath in it.  There are many possible materials and dimensions that might be pleasing, but am I most interested in certain proportions.  I prefer a bowl that is at least as wide as the base in which it rests, so that it’s not easy to try to place a vase on the rim, and avoids “creeping flower-stand tendencies.” Overall, the ideal font should be so inviting that it makes worshippers smile at the prospect of gathering around it to celebrate the baptism of the newest member of their family and faith community.


~ by JohnH1962 on August 9, 2017.